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Snowboard Mountaineering: Technique and equipment
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ARGOMENTO: Snowboard Mountaineering: Technique and equipment
Snowboard Mountaineering: Technique and equipment 2 Settimane, 6 Giorni fa  
Hello all,

Anybody else get out and enjoy the mountains on a snowboard. I love riding the big mountains. Combining climbing and snowboarding is oh so fun.

I know the post is kind of OT but sure beats another political thread and I know we all love mountains and there has to be some people here that snowboard down them.

In my opinion, equipment certainly has improved and will continue. There are some very inspiring riders pushing the limits of snowboard mountaineering and local backcountry areas are becoming packed with more and more skiers and riders.

I love snowboarding couloirs, the exposure combined with being in a spectacular position, where a fall would yield a terrible outcome.

So the reason for this post is I backed off a route due to conditions, while I watched two very good skiers crush some steep icy conditions.

I was the first up Dragons tail(RMNP) yesterday, conditions were very firm requiring crampons the whole way. Frozen crust. It was warm and sunny in the morning. I was confident that things would soften nicely. I stopped below the rock step and waited for the snow to soften more. Two Ski Mo guys raced up the couloir and topped out. Within 10 minutes the sun went behind the clouds and wind picked up freezing the crust again. The two skiers power jumped turned down 55 degree icy snow and continued down past me with some serious jump turns.

I tucked my tail, put my crampons on and climbed to the top and rode out the backside.
Tough conditions are always going to exist . How do you guys/gals manage steep icy conditions on a snowboard?

I feel like skiers have an advantage in this terrain. I know my technique needs to improve but sometimes is difficult to replicate those conditions on a not so serious line. I ride a jones solution with spark surge bindings and the new K2 alpine boot (soft boot but the stiffest boot I can find).

On icy terrain my turns are longer riding the edge for the traverse, while I am sure a skier would take more a fall line approach with tight jump turns.

1. Is jump turning fall line possible on steep/icy terrain with a snowboard?

2. Is a hard boot setup better for firm conditions?

3. Fitness is important; Is there any training outside of the mountains that is beneficial in tough conditions? Like box jumps weighted jump turns?

4. Can skiers manage tougher conditions, due to four edges better than snowboarders?

I know this may sound stupid, but I am eager to hear what others have done or do to improve in this area.


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